Private Investigations: Workers’ Compensation

A workers’ compensation investigation may be necessary if you have doubts about an employee’s workers’ compensation claim. More often than you might think, people exaggerate the extent of their injuries when it comes to gaining their compensation benefits; our goal is to prove the validity of each specific claim through thorough private investigations.

When dealing with a workers’ compensation investigation, we will work closely with other employees, adjusters, third party sources, and insurance companies to ensure that a claim is factual and necessary. Many people think that by lying, they will be able to collect more and stay out of work longer; our goal is to identify and prove the claims that are factual and not exaggerated.

KNB Investigations provides workers’ compensation investigations for a diverse range of companies. We will take the necessary steps to prove fraudulent injury claims, which can help you save thousands of dollars further down the road. Your KNB private investigator will provide surveillance and observation during our investigation in order to track the person of interest‘s daily routines and habits. We will pay attention to the small details and deliver accurate information pertaining to each case in an easy to read and organized report.

Before you agree to pay an employee for his or her injury, make sure you know the truth. If you’re suspicious of an employee’s workers’ compensation claim, contact KNB Investigations to hire a private eye today! Let us take a closer look at all relevant information and discover the truth behind the injury. You should never ignore your doubts, but you can leave the dirty work up to us.