Private Investigations: Witness Statements

When your case relies on witness statements, it is important that interviews are done properly and recorded correctly, so the information is valid and trustworthy.

Anyone can ask a question, but only a professional can conduct a truly valuable interview. When a witness can either make or break your case, you need KNB Investigations to conduct the witness interview, collect his or her statement, and record all information related to your case.

When it comes to witness statements, preparation is key. Interviewing is not just asking questions; it is about assessing the witness’s credibility and reliability to provide true and valid insight into the issue of concern. Our private investigators will take the time to conduct the necessary research on all witnesses involved, interview them, and even present all of their statements in court. It is extremely important to KNB Investigations that witness statements are collected in a lawful manner.

Deciding a witness’s role in an investigation and determining his or her importance is the first step in our witness statement litigation support services. Key witnesses may have the answers that provide you with the insight others need to know. By asking the right questions and recording answers properly, our private investigation experts can provide valid witness statements in support of your case.

KNB Investigations will contact important witnesses, prepare and conduct interviews, review all statements, and present the findings as related to your specific case. We treat all witnesses with respect and conduct all interviews in a responsible manner. Contact KNB Investigations today to find out if witness statements may be the necessary step in your case.