Private Undercover Investigations

When you think of undercover investigations, you may get an image of a man in a black trench coat and a big hat peeking around a corner. At KNB Investigations, our undercover investigations are not about being hidden; they are about blending in.

We can send our trained investigators to be a part of any crowd and play any necessary role. We believe that it is not about being unseen; rather, an undercover investigation is about being a part of the subject’s life in plain sight without the subject taking notice.

Specific operations and assignments will always be performed with you in mind. Our clients tell us how they want it to be done and where; we conduct our undercover investigations on your terms. Through observation and interaction, we can uncover key information and facts to help your case. Our goal is to assist you with what you need to know. We can build trust, develop leads, create understanding, and much more through our private investigations.

When you suspect suspicious activity may be affecting your business and/or lifestyle, you have no time to waste to reveal it. We can help protect your valuable assets and discreetly obtain the necessary information pertaining to your company’s protection. If you feel that something is not right, then it probably isn’t. Let the professionals at KNB Investigations help you see the truth and properly reveal all information pertaining to your case.

Undercover investigations can uncover much more than security cameras and surveillance systems can ever come close to. When you need facts, you need KNB Investigations. Contact us today to hire a private eye to conduct your undercover investigation.