Covert Surveillance

The number one way to catch someone in a wrongful act is through covert surveillance. KNB Investigations believes that surveillance is keeping a close eye on the specific person of interest. It is not as simple as it sounds; surveillance is only successful if it is done privately and without being seen or noticed.

Our private investigation professionals will work around the clock, day or night, to ensure our approach to surveillance provides you with a unique perspective on the necessary information. Surveillance is extremely useful when used for evaluating subjects and producing information such as daily activity and lifestyle choices. It is also great for obtaining information about who subjects are meeting with and talking to.

Through covert surveillance, KNB Investigations can obtain photographs and video footage. The key to our success is the discretion of our experts and our top-of-the-line surveillance equipment. Our techniques and program are constantly changing to keep up with current trends and technologies. What we produce from surveillance documentation may be presented in court cases as well as help to win legal battles. Our professionals may be asked to testify in court, at which time all evidence can be presented and released.

Whether you are trying to catch a person in the middle of illegal business actions like fraud or have a domestic concern, hire a private investigator from KNB Investigations. We can provide the right surveillance for you. Through observation and investigation, we go to work for you. If you think surveillance investigation may be the solution to your problem, contact us today. We will get you the answers you need.