Social Media Background Check

The use of social media has hit an all-time high in recent years. It is necessary to understand that this surge of activity online can demonstrate the reputation or character of a person.

KNB Investigations can conduct social media searches so you are confident with who you are hiring. Our advanced social media investigations are legal and ethical, and they are offered so you can get to know your potential partners and employees before making any commitments. KNB Investigations believes that regularly conducting a social media background check combined with a traditional background check will truly expose who someone is.

There is more that goes into a social media search than just looking through Facebook, Twitter, and the other most popular sites. Did you know that there are over 200 popular social media sites that many use on a daily basis? It would be time-consuming and impossible for our clients to handle all the information searching on their own. A KNB private detective can access blogs, web pages, social networks, and many other platforms to find information pertaining to advancing your case or getting to know potential business associates.

For over 14 years, we have developed our technology and techniques to become more and more advanced just as technology progresses. Through a social media search, we can find and report on information specific to your individual needs. Whether your social media search needs pertain to your business venture or your personal and domestic life, KNB Investigations will go above and beyond to document and recover what it is you are looking for. We only use software and techniques that are legal and ethical.

If you need a social media search conducted, contact one of our private investigations professionals today.