Private Investigations: Records Research

KNB Investigations can conduct public record research to find necessary information on cases. It may be critical for your case to have the support of a private investigations professional with the knowledge of where certain kinds of information are kept and how to find it. You need the professionals at KNB Investigations on your side.

Whether you need business records, corporate filings, professional licenses, criminal records, or information about a property, KNB Investigations can handle all record research for you. Sorting through public information that has been filed can become overwhelming and confusing if you try to do so all on your own. When you need information pulled quickly and correctly, you need the records search experts on our team. KNB Investigations has been providing record research for over 14 years.

When you come to us, you can count on our reliable experts to distinguish valuable information from information that is unnecessary for your case. You may come to us with little knowledge, but you will leave with a vast, relevant file no matter what it is you need to be researched.

Our private investigators conduct records research by thoroughly scanning thousands of public databases and records in an effort to obtain as much information as possible that will be valuable to your case. By hiring KNB Investigations, you will save yourself time and money; leave it up to the professionals to gather the information you need. When all research is complete, we will organize and document all relevant findings and present them to you.

Contact us today for a free consultation on your public record research needs.