Security & Personal Protection

Your safety should always be held as a top priority. Whether the protection is for a business or an individual, safety always comes first. KNB Investigations conducts both residential and office security.

KNB Investigations’ personal protection and security services are always reliable and efficient because we strive to be one of the best home and office security companies in Riverside. Our trained professionals can assess potential risk and provide you with the necessary protection you desire depending on your individual requirements. Feeling threatened for any reason at all is never acceptable; if you have any safety concerns at home or at the office, KNB Investigations can provide you with the protection and security equipment you need.

We provide personal protection services for individuals facing threats or who otherwise feel as if their safety is at risk. Security threats towards corporate executives are at an all time high; our goal is to offer you a solution that makes you feel safe at all times. You deserve to have personal protection you can count on.

From providing personal bodyguards to installing security cameras and debugging, KNB Investigations strives to provide you with the level of protection you deserve. Whether you need assisted transportation, office security personnel, high-tech office security systems, or home security service, we will provide you with as much protection as you need to know that you are safe.

Having a plan for safety is always advised. It is easier to protect yourself before a situation gets out of hand than it is once things get heated or chaotic. If you think that you may need personal protection, contact us today. Your protection is our number one concern; take the necessary precautions you need before it is too late.