Domestic Private Investigation

When it comes to domestic conflicts, such as matters of divorce and child custody, you should never put off receiving the attention you need. KNB Investigations believes in taking immediate action towards all domestic cases. Your children’s welfare should always be your number one priority.

Our expert investigators strive to strengthen your case with facts and evidence and bring to light suspicious activity that may be undermining the best interests of your relationship, marriage, or, most importantly, your children.

When a custody case is brought to court, a judge will determine the future of the child’s protection based on several factors, including the parent’s ability to provide care in a loving, safe, and clean environment. Whether your case pertains to child custody, child support amounts, or living situations, if you do not feel that your child’s best interests are being held as a priority, then you need KNB Investigations on your side. Our experienced private investigation service will provide you with the proof you need by investigating whether there may be improper activity going on when it comes to the care of your child.

May your conflict be with your relationship, marriage, or child, a KNB private detective can help. We can follow your spouse or ex to determine how he or she spends his or her free time, or we can investigate his or her lifestyle and living conditions. Through investigation, we can document and record suspicious activity as well as any information that may be helpful for your case.

KNB Investigations will take care of your domestic cases with care and professionalism. Contact us today for a free consultation.