Criminal & Civil Litigation Support Services

At KNB Investigations, we understand that individuals facing lawsuits or criminal charges deserve quality support and defense. Whether you’re dealing with a civil or criminal case, you may need to hire a private eye. Having an investigator on your side helps you find answers that are critical to you winning the case.

Our expert private investigators will give you the relief you may need when it comes to serious civil matters. Our reputation and determination are second to none. Our clients are always our main priority when it comes to our litigation support services. Working on your case independently, we will search for the answers and clues that may help your case succeed.

By investigating public records, interviewing witnesses, and preparing factual reports, KNB Investigations strives to bring light to the information that truly matters. While all criminal defense and civil cases may not require investigation, many that do find that private investigations are the key to success in their cases.

Our knowledge and experience provide you with useful tools to go deeper into your case and find the facts that matter. For over 14 years, KNB Investigations has been assisting defense lawyers in cases ranging from violations to felonies. We have what it takes to help you win your case. Our team will put the personal touch that you need to go above and beyond searching for clues, traces, witness, and more. Our clients are who matter, and we will stop at nothing in assisting them with their cases.

If you need an investigation into a civil or criminal case, you need KNB Investigations. Contact us today.