About KNB’s Private Investigators

KNB Investigations was started by our Investigative Manager, Nic Botich. He brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership experience to the table from his past careers in the United States Air Force Reserve, the Desert Hot Springs Police Department, and the San Bernardino Police Department.

Nic served in the USAFR for 14 years in both a full time and part time capacity. During his service, he earned the rank of Captain and held several key leadership and management positions. He worked as a police officer for 7 years, during which time he worked as a patrol officer, a field training officer, a school resource officer, and a corporal.

Nic learned a lot about investigation, leadership, and himself while working in these various roles, but he eventually decided to open his own private investigations firm. Working in the private sector allows Nic to help people in need with more proactive and professional customer service than he could offer at the police department. He is genuinely passionate about helping people, and he is excited to help this firm’s clients find the truth they are looking for.

A Message From Nic Botich

Hi, my name is Nic with KNB Investigations. We would love to help you with your case. We are based in the Riverside area and are ready to get started. My team of private investigators are current and former police officers, so they are very good at tracking people’s movements and actions. If someone is hiding something, my team will find the truth for you!

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